Home Health Conference Recap



Last month we attended the Michigan Association for Home Care Conference in Traverse City, Michigan. The experience was enlightening. We met so many wonderful and innovative people all with common goals:

  • Working to revolutionize the home care experience for patients
  • Strengthening the work of caregivers
  • Increasing the efficiency of caregivers
  • Providing better and more comprehensive care

We also held a workshop for nurses and home health aides explaining the benefits of Health Numeric’s innovative software and devices. Throughout the conference we demonstrated the use of our devices and their seamless connectivity to our portal using Bluetooth technology. This allowed us to introduce our products to a wide range of home health companies that will benefit from our partnership in the future.


The program also educated on upcoming legislation that will affect the home care world—both home health providers and patients.

It was such a great experience, we were reminded that the possibility for innovation in our field is endless. We are inspired to continue contributing to the growing world of home health technology.

Please contact us for more information on how our revolutionary service can improve your patient outcomes and your bottom line.

Mayor Triplett and team with award

Mayor Triplett visits and the new LEAP video


The Health Numeric team welcomed East Lansing Mayor Nathan Triplett into our office last month. Mayor Triplett toured the office and the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) as a follow up after awarding the Health Numeric team with East Lansing’s Innovator of the Year Award.  Picture:  Mazen Mheish  CPO,  East Lansing Mayor Triplett  and Nevin Brittain CEO.

Nevin and Mayor Triplett also spent some time on camera, filming for this video produced by LEAP:

Health Numeric is grateful for all the local support we’re receiving as we work to grow our company. Thanks to LEAP, the TIC, and both Mayor Triplett and Mayor Bernero for their support!

Nevin Takes a Selfie

Nevin enjoying his time with Mayor Triplett and taking a selfie.