Not Just Remote Patient Monitoring—a Complete System for Patient Care


After seeing the other versions of remote patient monitoring, Health Numeric CEO, Nevin Brittan, soon realized basic patient monitoring is not enough. He said, “We make sure the equipment works, we monitor the Care Circle, and we ensure the patient follows his or her action plan. That’s why we’re here.” Having a Care Circle, a team of people who are invested in the patient’s well-being, can make the difference between a patient staying at healthy at home and one who is readmitted to the hospital.

Learning why Health Numeric was founded creates a strong understanding of just how invested every member of the company is in ensuring that each patient thrives. By identifying a gap in home care from Nevin’s own grandmother, he created the Care Circle solution—involving everyone from the patient’s physician to their nurses and their families to ensure they are receiving the best care.

Health Numeric creates an environment that makes it easy to succeed for both care providers and patients. We are not content to just go through the motions of taking a patients vitals and sending them to the cloud. We have put a careful system in place to be of service should anything go amiss, including patients or care providers knowing exactly how to use their devices and the monitoring system. With Health Numeric you don’t just get devices, cloud storage, and a provider interface. Our Care Circle is a promise to give patients the very best care, no matter what.

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