RPM vs. Telehealth

In order to best understand the Health Numeric solution, you have to understand that Health Numeric is different from teleheath and even most remote patient monitoring. While our product is a type of RPM, the differences found in our solution change and save lives.


While telehealth communication and remote patient monitoring may be similar, the differences are important to understand in order to fully grasp the experiences they offer. Primarily, telehealth communications offer long-distance clinical health care. For example, the technologies used include videoconferencing, secure email and messaging, and phone calls. Telehealth is mainly done through the Internet to communicate in various ways with a health care provider.

Remote patient monitoring, or RPM, uses devices to remotely collect, store and communicate biometric health information to practitioners. Instead of talking with a health care provider online, the RPM tools allow providers to accurately monitor and intervene in the patient’s care before he/she presents at the doctor’s office or hospital. RPM devices capture patients’ vitals outside of a traditional clinical setting while capitalizing on proactive care and patient mobility.

Health Numeric takes this proactive care a step further with our unique Care Circle solution that gives our patients full control over who has access and receives alerts or reports based on their data. Our easy to administer solution makes health care collaboration intuitive and accessible.

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