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Who’s Paying for Remote Patient Monitoring?

Like so many things in medicine, a remote patient monitoring system could be financed a number of ways. And, as the demand and understanding of remote patient monitoring grows, no doubt will the number and types of payers footing the bill. For Health Numeric, many of our clients are home health providers looking to provide […]

Getting Staff On Board for Remote Patient Monitoring

You’ve done your homework. You understand remote patient monitoring and what Health Numeric can bring to the table for your organization. You’ve crunched the numbers and can see the ROI for implementing the system. However, one roadblock remains: getting your staff on board with utilizing the new technology. Staff can be resistent to changes in […]

Looking at Short-Term and Long-Term RPM

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can be used in a variety of ways to monitor many different types of people and for a range of purposes. From relatively short-term engagements to lifelong monitoring, there are many individuals who could benefit from the use of remote patient monitoring. The most popular use of this technology today is […]

RPM vs. Telehealth

In order to best understand the Health Numeric solution, you have to understand that Health Numeric is different from teleheath and even most remote patient monitoring. While our product is a type of RPM, the differences found in our solution change and save lives. While telehealth communication and remote patient monitoring may be similar, the differences […]

What is a Care Circle?

Our remote patient monitoring goes beyond monitors, vitals, and reports. When you choose Health Numeric, your patient is linked to a circle of care providers that will give them the best chance to recover without readmittance to the hospital. We think of our Care Circle as a collaboration management system—a way to facilitate the collaboration […]

Engaging in The Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship

While always striving to push the boundaries, expand our network, and create global growth, Health Numeric joins The Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship event (ACE ’15). With one-week left until ACE ’15, Health Numeric founder Nevin Brittain prepares to give his pitch as one of the finalists chosen. According to the ACE ’15 event page, “The […]