Remote Patient Monitoring: Care Circle

Remote Patient Monitoring is a more connected form of healthcare. Patients living at home with some assistance can benefit greatly from using RPM devices, receiving better care from their aides, nurses and doctors. Because the patient’s health is being monitored from home, their caregivers can address any type of changes or declines in the patient’s health immediately. Patients can create what’s called a Care Circle once they receive their device. Not only will their nurse be notified of changes in the patient’s measurements, anyone the patient adds to their Care Circle will also be notified. The connectivity of the Care Circle ensures better care for the patient and a more comprehensive picture of their health for their caretakers and doctors.

Better, more connected care for the patient means less time spent in the hospital. It also reduces the likelihood of emergency room visits, helps to keep their medication dosage under control and creates peace of mind for those in their Care Circle. Doctors know that their patients are being monitored meticulously, so patient’s length of hospitalization can be reduced. Readmission rates go down because problems with the patient’s medication dosage or health can be addressed in real time, instead of only during outpatient visits, or in the hospital.

The convenience and peace of mind that RPM provides to patients, their doctors and those in their Care Circles is paramount to Health Numeric. Users can decide who views their measurements and when, and their doctors can set the parameters for notification. This helps diabetes patients keep their glucose levels under control; CHF patients can measure their blood press, weight and oxygen saturation. Remote Patient Monitoring helps to create a more complete health history for its users, and unites patients and their loved ones with a deeper understanding of the patient’s health.