Getting Staff On Board for Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient Engagment

You’ve done your homework. You understand remote patient monitoring and what Health Numeric can bring to the table for your organization. You’ve crunched the numbers and can see the ROI for implementing the system. However, one roadblock remains: getting your staff on board with utilizing the new technology.

Staff can be resistent to changes in general. Changing their routine, their comfort zone, their job duties can be met with less than enthusiastic responses. This is even true when the tools you are providing them will (in the end) make their jobs easier to perform. Technology is especially tricky. For staff who aren’t comfortable with computers and newer technology, getting them excited about remote patient monitoring is even more difficult. Computers and the software can be extremely intimidating, particularly for individuals who haven’t used computers as part of their job duties before.

However, at Health Numeric we are committed to making remote patient monitoring easy to implement and simple to use for both your staff and your patients. That’s why we work with you and your staff every step of the way—from installation to support.

Here are our best tips for making the transition go as smoothly as possible:

1. Focus on staff benefits. In general, it’s not about ROI and business costs for them. They will want to know how it helps them on a day-to-day basis. When rolling out your program, really double-down on how this change is going to be a positive, helpful tool in getting them jobs done and helping their patients.

2. Listen to feedback. Before implementing an RPM system, during the roll-out, and after, you’ll need to listen carefully to the feedback your team gives you. And be welcoming of the feedback. No, you can’t make everyone happy all the time, but you can listen, acknowledge, and find common ground.

3. Give staff the tools they need to succeed. There will be a learning curve for the new endeavor, and some staff members will embrace the change sooner than others. Give them the training and support they need to make the best attempt to understand and implement the system. Health Numeric makes this easy with our comprehensive training and support.

Contact us today about how we can help you transition your staff to utilizing our technology. Remote patient monitoring is helping patients all over the country be more independent, avoid readmittance, and stay healthy—all while uniting their Care Circle into a collaborative team.

What is a Care Circle?

Our remote patient monitoring goes beyond monitors, vitals, and reports. When you choose Health Numeric, your patient is linked to a circle of care providers that will give them the best chance to recover without readmittance to the hospital.

We think of our Care Circle as a collaboration management system—a way to facilitate the collaboration between different care providers. Ultimately the improvement in communication gives patients a better outcome.

By connecting patients and their loved ones, their healthcare team, and their home health company, patients feel more empowered while their families feel more secure. Home health providers save time and money by monitoring more patients with less manpower, all while improving outcomes and providing physicians the information they need. Learn more about Health Numeric and schedule your free demo today!

Michigan Association for Home Care Conference Recap

unnamedLast month the Health Numeric team attended the Michigan Association for Home Care’s 27th annual conference at the Grand Traverse Resort in Williamsburg, Michigan. The event drew over 240 attendees from around the state and a few from home health companies across the country. These influencial people in the health care field continue to make leaps in the industry, and we enjoyed hearing about their innovations and impact.

“We take a whole year to plan this event,” said Barry Cargill, the executive director for Michigan Association for Home Care. The attendees included people of all different backgrounds including nurses, clinical supervisors, and sales and marketing members.

Building on the opportunities we gained at last year’s event, we are excited to collaborate with many of the groups and individuals serving the home care industry as the company expands. This includes Cynthia Gray, CEO of Cago Medical Services. At the conference, Gray gave an great presentation on decreasing hospital readmission rates for patients with COPD. In her presentation she explained the importance of the “health care team’s role in transitioning care from the hospital to the home” along with other key aspects that allow the patient to have the strongest care once he or she returns home.

11031063_576658982474173_3931566452039850316_nAlong with gathering experts in the homecare field, the event also gives back, giving two awards and two scholarships. The scholarships, each for $2,000, are awarded to students. One for a student in a health administration program and another for a student in the health field.

Health Numeric is excited to be a part of the growing home care community in Michigan and those who attended the event with the common goal of creating the most advance solutions. The event is already scheduled for next year, May 18th – 20th at the Traverse Williams Resort.

MiHIN (Michigan Health Information Network) Conference Recap

Health Numeric attended the Michigan Health Information Network’s (MiHIN) conference in East Lansing on June 3-5th. The event had roughly 400 attendees and was their most successful event to date. The conference is “designed as a forum for healthcare thought leaders to share their perspectives on the current state and the future state of Health Information Technology (HIT) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) with peers and colleagues, to support the healthcare transformations underway in Michigan.”

The 3-day event had a variety of presentations and speakers, ranging from prominent people in the healthcare field to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder—who gave the conference opening remarks. He spoke about Healthy Michigan and how that is made possible by many of the organization present at the event. He states that, “A few years ago, thousands of Michiganders relied on emergency rooms as their primary health care providers” and how “since the program launched last April, we’ve had nearly 600,000 enrollee and more than 350,000 primary care visits.”

In a presentation by the executive director for Partners 4 Health, Rick Nowakowski, explains that “The health care economic model is changing quickly with a stronger payer emphasis on sustainable healthy outcomes and financial penalties for providers who cannot meet the new market demands.” The knowledge gained and connections made from this conference were extensive.

We enjoy seeing such growth and innovation in the state of Michigan and around the country. We’re proud of the role Health Numeric is playing in the HIT field and the patients we are helping. Learn more about our innovative Care Circle today!

Home Health Conference Recap



Last month we attended the Michigan Association for Home Care Conference in Traverse City, Michigan. The experience was enlightening. We met so many wonderful and innovative people all with common goals:

  • Working to revolutionize the home care experience for patients
  • Strengthening the work of caregivers
  • Increasing the efficiency of caregivers
  • Providing better and more comprehensive care

We also held a workshop for nurses and home health aides explaining the benefits of Health Numeric’s innovative software and devices. Throughout the conference we demonstrated the use of our devices and their seamless connectivity to our portal using Bluetooth technology. This allowed us to introduce our products to a wide range of home health companies that will benefit from our partnership in the future.


The program also educated on upcoming legislation that will affect the home care world—both home health providers and patients.

It was such a great experience, we were reminded that the possibility for innovation in our field is endless. We are inspired to continue contributing to the growing world of home health technology.

Please contact us for more information on how our revolutionary service can improve your patient outcomes and your bottom line.