Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring promotes better health at lower costs by enabling more frequent health status monitoring and feedback. This makes home the central place of care and serves as an early warning system of deteriorating health, enabling early intervention and typically reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Reduce Hospital Readmission

At Health Numeric, your goals are our goals—and we all want your clients to have a great home care experience. With constant remote monitoring, a patient’s caregiver and Care Circle will be able to intervene before problems worsen to the point of needing to be back in the hospital.

Collaborative Connected Care

The patient’s Care Circle is comprised of physicians, nurses, aides, the home health company, Health Numeric, family members and even neighbors. Health Numeric’s LifeView portal will give nurses or other administrators the ability to customize the types and frequency of notifications and reports sent to each member of the Care Circle.

Improve patient outcomes while benefiting your bottom line. We can show you how.


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Health Numeric provides home care professionals a fully integrated remote patient monitoring solution to improve care. The system collects, analyzes, and reports health data to individuals specified in the patient’s care circle.

By keeping everyone updated, patients enjoy a higher quality of life and better outcomes.

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  • Transition from hospital to home

    Give patients, families, and caregivers peace of mind. Remote patient monitoring eases the anxiety of going home.

  • Implement a home care action plan

    Work closely with physicians and caregivers to create a custom monitoring plan to fit the patient’s needs.

  • Engage & empower patients

    Provide patients with all the tools they need to monitor and make decisions about their care.

  • Keep caregivers in the loop

    Keep everyone in the Care Circle on the same page with flexible alerts based on each user’s preferences.

  • Improve outcomes & quality of care

    Reduce 30-day readmissions and complications while giving patients the very best care.

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