Founder & CEO

Nevin Brittain

Founder & CEO

Nevin Brittain graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Computer Engineering. He began his Network Engineering career at Nortel Network one on the largest computer networking companies in the world. Nevin became a subject matter expert in technologies that helped large corporations securely share data and collaborate.

During the busiest years of his career, Nevin’s great-grandmother passed due to complications associated with diabetes. Years of disconnected care, readmissions to the hospital, lack of collaboration, and an unclear action plan for the care team lead to his great-grandmother’s untimely death. Armed with his knowledge and experiences, Nevin created Health Numeric to give caregivers the tools they need to better care for their patients and loved ones.

Our Foundation

Health Numeric is a HIPAA compliant cloud platform and support service that aids physicians, nurses, family, and others in a patient’s care circle with comprehensive at-home monitoring. The information obtained in real-time allows caregivers the ability to monitor daily health vitals, generate progress reports, and receive notifications when measurements go beyond a set range. This type of constant, at-home monitoring improves outcomes by reducing complications and hospital readmissions.

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to help you develop a Remote Patient Monitoring Program