LifeView Portal

Doctors (4)LifeView gives you administrative access to a HIPAA compliant portal to track all patients, devices, and care circles. Health providers with access to the LifeView portal can view patient information and see all data registering by device, modify patient Care Circles, and generate reports.

Patient Care Circle

Anyone involved in patient care can be looped into that patient’s Care Circle. Comprised of physicians, nurses, aides, the home health company, Health Numeric, family members and even neighbors, the LifeView portal will give nurses or other administrators the ability to customize the types and frequency of notifications and reports sent to each member of the Care Circle. Based on the range set by their physician, the patients’ daily readings will trigger certain notifications by email or by text message. For example, a patient’s child may want daily notifications regardless of the reading, where a nurse may only want to be notified if the measurement is out of range (i.e. blood pressure too high).


Lifeview_chart (5)To ensure Health Numeric’s remote monitoring system is right for you and your patients, we offer a free 30 day  pilot program. Choose the kit you’d like to try out, and we’ll bring it to you, give you a comprehensive training, and give you free support for 30 days. If you decide to keep it – we can then discuss different kits and pricing. If not, just return all the equipment with no catch.

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Online TrainingOur system is made to be user-friendly with a focus on saving time – not creating more work for caregivers or patients. You will be proficient with our complete system once attending our online training sessions.  Training is available 24/7. You can review each session when it’s convenient for you as many times as you need. The comprehensive training includes online training, along with our Remote Patient Monitoring Course Manual, and training support.

Sessions Include:

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Opportunities for Remote Monitoring
  • The Health Numeric Ecosystem & Devices
  • Devices Maintenance, Cleaning, & Storage
  • Patient Selection
  • Using the LifeView Portal & Patients Page
  • Documentation, HIPAA Consent, and Operation Manuals

Your success with the Health Numeric system is our success.


Depositphotos_23620863_originalYour Health Numeric experience goes beyond a web portal and the equipment – you get complete support for the remote monitoring system from our experts. All Health Numeric equipment is shipped to you in kits that include all necessary wireless patient monitors, a hub, and access to the web portal. We help you monitor patients and the equipment by becoming a full-service call center that can help trouble-shoot or replace equipment and give comprehensive help with the LifeView portal. Our experts are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week both online and by phone.


A health information exchange (HIE) is a method that hospitals, home health care companies, and other health provides use to connect and share patient information or electronic medical records (EMRs). These networks are secure, unlike other transmission methods, like email, faxes, or even regular mail.

Health Numeric has partnered with Michigan Health Connect and Great Lakes Health Information Exchange to securely share critical patient information through the patient’s different health care providers.